Aller Media expands their digital range through Coursio.

What challenges are you facing today?

The consumption habits of our reader have change the last couple of years and today they consume our strong brands on many different platforms – print, desktop, mobile, social media, newsletters, events etc. To meet these changes we constantly have to develop or products and formats, but also how we earn money from them.

How do you satisfy your customers need for digital experiences?

We put more time and resources in our websites which in results in a big increase in traffic during last year. We also work actively to offer relevant and high quality content on the new digital platforms our customers use. In addition to that we also offer other digital products and services, for example e-commerce and online courses.


How have online courses helped you scale your business?

Online courses is an exciting way for us to charge for digital content, and we have learned that our customers are both interested and has willingness to buy. Health and exercise are super popular topics and the demand is high. Our first course “Burn Fat” became a big hit, that resulted in us expanding our offer with courses in mental health,
diet counseling och exercise. Our courses “Stress less – live more”, “Tasty & Gluten Free” and “Get thin fast with the L7-diet” was launched in a fast sequence and have brought satisfying results.

How do you adapt your products to todays customers?

Coursio makes it easy for us to give our customers a 360-experience with different types of content, that sets itself apart from what we publish on our websites. Different educational tools such as text, audio, video and questions allow us to engage and activate our readers. What really makes us happy is that we are able to help our readers with their problems, like stress management and weight issues.


What does your work process look like from traditional content to modern online courses?

The course content is often a mix of existing content and new content. We have extensive archives with high quality and relevant content, but we always ad newly produces content, preferably video, to create a great customer experience. The courses are produced by the editorial team behind it but always with the support from a internal project manager and our account manager at Coursio.


What is your next step?

To us digital courses is an exciting way to provide value to our users in the form of a digital product that they both appreciate and are willing to pay for. Our goal is to find even more product that fullfill this purpose.

— Mirja Bokholm, Aller Media.


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