Thanks to Coursio, Björn Lundén Information opened up a new fast growing business-segment.

Björn Lundén is the publisher, software developer and corporate training company who thanks to Coursio have opened up their business towards a new business segment which quickly have become their fastest growing revenue stream.

Björn Lundén has since 1987 provided corporations, associations and societies with easy to understand information and practical resources in the fields of tax, accounting, labor and law. They have always been in the forefront and have led the transformation of their business, not only through their products but also through the way they work with leadership and internal processes.


In june 2012 the company started working with Coursio to enable a new product online. Since then they have launched over 20 online-courses and released a subscription service for companies and accounting firms that need to keep themselves updated on the latest news within tax, accounting and law. Björn Lundén Information is the company who continuously searches for new ideas and possibilities to develop their business model and Coursio has become their natural partner in this pursuit. Thanks to the flexibility of the service they have been able to create courses in their software products as well as tailor made courses for bigger clients. Former competitors and customers have developed into distribution channels for Björn Lundén Information’s knowledge and content.


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