Emelie is the young photoblogger and entrepreneur who has sold over 10 000 online courses through Coursio.

Emelie Ohlsson is the 25-year old who in 2008 chose to bet everything on her biggest passion photography and started blogging and working with it full-time. She is a true entrepreneur who sees possibilities in areas who few have dared to explore.

Through Coursio she got a tool to be able to get paid for the knowledge and content she has accumulated on her blog. Only a couple of weeks after signing up with Coursio she started selling her first courses through the built in presentation page and web-shop module. Today the sales from her online courses in photography, photo editing and entrepreneurship accounts for 80% of her companies turnover.


Emelie builds her courses with engaging content and with scaling in mind. Through re-using content she divides bigger courses into smaller sellable units and assemble several courses into campaign packages. Some courses are short web based guides and some are offered as full online courses with interaction where Emelie gives her users help and support on the way. Through actively marketing the courses on her blog and a steady flow of new content she has created a faithful tribe of users who eagerly await every new course release.




Online academy of multiple courses in photography

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