Mattias Ribbing is a former teacher with a passion for learning, who went on a quest to fully master his own memory and focus.

Through memory sports he became the official Grandmaster of Memory and he is now an acclaimed author of three books on brain training. They have sold over 60.000 copies in Sweden.

He trains people from all walks of life to maximize their cognitive performance. Through Coursio he has been able to quickly meet the increasing international demand for his trainings. For Mattias, Coursio has proved to be an efficient tool not only for him as an online course creator but also for end users from all over the globe who are easily taken through the whole process of presentation, payment and training.


Mattias’s online courses have been basen on English translations of his books. Together with Coursio they have been packaged into smaller units that fit the e-learning market perfectly, both in content and pricing. The courses vary in size, from practical introductions where you learn basic tools, to more comprehensive trainings designed to build complete skills. Mattias mostly markets his courses by regularly being invited as a guest to international podcasts and other speaking engagements.


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