Påhlmans is the school that thanks to online courses have scaled their business into new growth segments and made learning more fun and efficient.

Påhlmans have since the 19th century helped students grow their careers, always focusing on providing training courses that are in tune with the demand of the business world.

Coursio has enabled them to easily take the step towards working more digitally, both using the service as a complement to the class-room education as well as to offer online courses, in both ways scaling their business to a new level.

Påhlmans started off by creating a 4 week online course in Coursio which quickly became a huge success. Since then they have continued to create several smaller courses which are sold separately or bundled into a larger education program that runs for an entire year, always keeping flexibility in mind for their customers and students. The simplicity of the tool has enabled Påhlmans teachers to create their own courses based on their own content and their preferred educational process.

“The built in interaction enables great online courses where teachers and students easily and effectively can communicate with each other.” – Pia Eriksson, Consultant & Teacher




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