Edutainment – the new revenue source for publishers

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Discover a new way to package and distribute content by adding online courses to your offering. We call it edutainment.

Online courses is a new, trendy and – as proven – successful way to package and distribute content that you can actually earn money from. With online courses you increase your relevance by offering a fun, interactive and educational way for your customers to engage with digital content that provides value. People today wants to learn from and be inspired by people and companies they look up to. Take advantage of the reach that your distribution channels provide to market your online courses together with influencers in popular areas.

A new way to sell content.

Interactive online courses is the new way to package and distribute content that you also can sell.

Easy to get started - begin today.

Online courses with Coursio does not require you to hire more people och to increase your budget. We customise our partnership to suit your resources and support you along the way.

A network of influencers & course creators.

A partnership gives you access to our unique network of influencers and course creators. We also offers ready made courses.

We are the edutainment visionaries.

The pleasure of entertainment and the value of education is combined through the phenomenon of edutainment.

Smart features for publishers

Our platform covers all your needs

Web shop with payments

Easy course tool

Bundles and discounts

Multiple creators

Internal course library

Study tests and exams

Evaluation and monitoring

API integration


User roles



Automatic updates

Individual or aggregated statistics


Through partnership we will succeed

Together with our customers we have produced thousands through the years – all with it’s own unique content. We what works and what doesn’t. By partnering up with Coursio you get access to our teams vast knowledge and competence about online courses. We are well versed in areas such as strategy, production, distribution, marketing and upsales. By becoming a customer you become a part of Coursio!

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