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We believe in a world where anyone can learn anything, anywhere at anytime. Together with our customers we strive to democratize education and simplify knowledge sharing the world over. Education without border so to say!

Through simplicity and mobility Coursio opens up new ways of distributing and interacting around educational content. We have over 10 years of experience in online education and since starting Coursio in 2010 we have helped everything from big to small companies, schools and individuals to spread knowledge with our tool and through it streamline their business, find new revenue sources, reach new target groups or simply make learning more fun.


​We believe in democratizing education and enable anyone who wants, to upload and spread their knowledge to others. We want to disrupt the online education market in the same ways as tools like WordPress and Blogger have disrupted the publishing industry. Simplicity is key to our success and something that is reflected in everything we do, from development and design to everyday tasks.

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