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Together with our customers we have produced thousands through the years – all with it’s own unique content. We know what works and what doesn’t. By partnering with Coursio you get access to our team’s vast knowledge and competence about online courses. We are well versed in strategy, production, distribution, marketing and sales, offering quick and to the point unlimited support in these areas. By becoming a customer you become a part of Coursio!

1. Strategy

The collaboration with our customers always begins with a high-level discussion about their business but also what types of daily challenges they face, their ambitions and specific needs. With that as a base we develop an complete strategy for their digital course business. We go through the following areas:

  • Vision and objectives
  • Offer
  • Target audience
  • Sales channels / Distributors
  • Marketing channels
  • Possible partnerships that might be of interest

2. Course production planning

When the high-level strategy is done we’ll start to develop a plan for course production and distribution. We discuss what budget and resources that might be needed but also time frame, course definition and course structure. At this stage we also go through the tool and features in more detail.

  • Identify and prioritize course areas
  • Planning of course structure and content
  • Planning of course production based on Coursio “Best Practice”
  • Walkthrough of the course tools

3. Course production

No matter if you are creating courses on your own or if you are creating a course portal with ready made courses from our library, this is where the fun really begins!
We stand by our customers side during the whole course production, from the first planning meeting to the launch of the course. Do you need help with copywriting, video, editing, photo or pedagogy? No problem, we’ll connect with a suitable expert in our network.

4. Distribution

No matter how good the courses you create are, they will not be profitable before you find successful ways to market, sell and distribute them. With the help from our network of distributors and our competence within sales and marketing we create a distribution plan together with you. The road to success is usually full of experimentation, let’s take on this challenge together!

5. Monitoring and evaluation

We have learned that monitoring and evaluation is at the core of a successful course business. We will help you to monitor your sales and participant results, internal as well as external. Based on quantitative sales statistics and qualitative evaluations a continuous improvement of the digital course business is made possible. Along the way we learn together what your road to success looks like and how you can get the most out of our services.

Life Of Svea
svenska jägareforbundet
Lrf media
ok förlaget
Påhlmans Handelsinstitut
Mattias Ribbing
Friskis svettis
Svensk Byggtjänst
Bergström och Hellqvist
Wealth dragons
Svenska Dagbladet
NWT Media
Beauty by Dashl
Nyfortagar Centrum
Human Performance
Javligt Gott
Academy Online

Book your personal demo

In the demo we will:

  • Discuss your needs and goals
  • Consult you about online courses and your possibilities
  • Present customer cases and Coursio partnerships
  • Give you a short introduction to the platform