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Streamline and assure the quality of your internal competence development with our financially scalable och flexible solutions.

Education and competence development is essential to ensuring competence and continuous success but is a the same time a big expense in many businesses. By digitalizing your competence development you minimize your administrative expenses and enable your employees to learn whenever they want, wherever they are.

Competence development for all the employees of the company.

By digitalizing parts of your internal competence development you enable anyone to anytime and anywhere to develop in different areas of competence.

Better monitoring with less administration.

By working with a digital platform that is optimized for efficiency you can spend less time administrative tasks, and more time on knowledge that provides value.

Less expenses and increased flexibility.

A digital course business not only decrease the direct costs for education, but also the alternative costs will decrease due to increased flexibility in time and geographical availability.

On the employees own terms.

Your employees enjoy the freedom of improve their knowledge wherever they want, however they want and whenever they want. On their smartphone, tablet or computer.

Smart features for internal education

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Through partnership we will succeed

Together with our customers we have produced thousands through the years – all with it’s own unique content. We what works and what doesn’t. By partnering up with Coursio you get access to our teams vast knowledge and competence about online courses. We are well versed in areas such as strategy, production, distribution, marketing and upsales. By becoming a customer you become a part of Coursio!

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