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Create courses

Create online courses with drag and drop – powerful and easy

With our easy to use but powerful cloud based course tool you can easily package different types of content into an online course. The different features will help you to create interesting and interactive online courses with a wide variety of content types.

Works with all types of media


Create interactive videos and communicate with your participants in your desired length.


Include audio in your course by uploading it or embed it from sources like Soundcloud.


Imagery is a powerful way to communicate. Upload individual ones or create beautiful slideshows.


Enjoy full control of your words and formatting with the built in word processor.


Include complementary content like spreadsheets, text documents och presentations.


The tools allows you to easily make content available for download, a perfect way to enrich your online course.


Make you course come alive by enabling your participants to interact with each other in the discussion forum.

Embed content

Include videos, presentations, forms and webinars from external sources like Youtube, Vimeo, Google Forms, Zoom and others.

Tests and certifications

Put your participants knowledge to the test.

With study tests and real testa you can easily assess your participants knowledge. A test can be linked to a diploma that will get automatically created when the participant passes the test.

Test types

Test the knowledge of your participants by using different types of tests.

Time limited

Your participants can have unlimited or limited time to complete the test.


After the test is done a diploma is automatically created with your own design.

Manage users

Smart and easy user management.

Save time with the powerful user management. Sales, receipts, course access and notifications are handled automatically.


Create groups in your courses and get aggregated and individual statistics of your course participants progress.


Whether you need to invite 1 or 1000 new course participants it is equally easy.


Get detailed information about the progress of your course participants with the built in statistics and reports.

Distribute and sell your online courses

Your own web shop with built in payment gateway.

It should me easy to reach out with and sell online course. That is why your webshop is connected to Klarna Checkout, a top class payment gateway that allow your customers to choose between card payment, monthly payment or pay later.

Adapt it to your brand

Make the web shop follow your brand identity by adding logotyp and color scheme.

Bundles and offers

Launch campaigns by creating discounts and offering multiple courses as a bundle for a better price.

Embed the store anywhere

Sell courses directly on your own website by embedding your Coursio web shop.

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